Who's driving Facebook traffic the RIGHT way?

We’re talking about someone whose marketing team knows EXACTLY what they’re doing.

They posted a 0:17 video clip that was watched north of 770K times as of this afternoon.

Thousands of shares. 50K+ Likes.

The strategy was simple really: give ’em a tease. And nowhere has that phrase been more appropriate than Ellen interviewing Channing Tatum and Twitch about Magic Mike XXL.

Ellen’s people know her audience. And they knew the audience would RAVE over Channing doing a sultry dance down to his comfy chair.

And then the video ENDED.


…there was a link. A tiny little link at the end of the post’s caption that said, “Click here to see more.”

I’m willing to guess that with 700,000+ views on a 0:17 clip that there were a LOT of folks wanting to see the whole interview and learn more about the movie.

So that’s your handy hint for today. If you know your audience, Facebook can be a great source of traffic. You just gotta know how to leave ’em beggin’ for more…


…then they’ll come to you for a solution.

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