That time I almost died on a mountain…

OK, I’m exaggerating.
A little.
I mean, it really FELT like I was dying as I climbed the (relatively flat, level) trail up the mountain.
I had to stop every few hundred feet or so, watching as others breezed on pass, making my struggle look like nothing.
And it hurt.
I didn’t like feeling like I was left behind.
I didn’t like feeling like I wasn’t fast enough.
I didn’t like feeling like I couldn’t do it, and maybe I should just turn around and head back down before I embarrass myself.
Instead, I stopped.
I waited for my heart rate to come back down.
I stretched my legs a little, took a swig of water….
…and took the next step. And the next. And the next.
By the time I got to the top of the mountain, the people who passed me were on their way down. They were no doubt moving on to conquer other peaks.
And I couldn’t envy them that.
They were better at climbing mountains than I was.
But that doesn’t negate the fact that I MADE IT.
My friends, this business of GROWING a business is much like me scaling 2,000 feet this weekend (having never hiked/climbed that high before).
It hurts.
Sometimes you realize you didn’t prepare well enough and you have to turn back.
Sometimes you realize you took a wrong turn and need to retrace your steps.
And sometimes you’re just tired and want to stop and go home where it’s safe and comfortable.
Don’t do it. Don’t give up on yourself.
You’ve got more strength in you than you may know.
So put one foot in front of the other. Take the next step and the one after that.
Rest when you need to, but don’t wait too long to get going again.
You’ll be amazed at the view from the top when you finally get there.

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