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I’m a big advocate for becoming your own biggest cheerleader. But rather than talk myself up, I’ll let these clients and coaching students do it for me:


Thank you so much for all of your insights yesterday!I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after the call with you. It all seems so simple now! I know exactly what I need to do to make this copy great, and I feel confident that I can deliver something that’s going to both work really well AND incorporate everything the client is asking for.Not only that, but you really helped me cut through the ‘head trash’ that was bogging me down (we all get stuck with that sometimes, right?) Thanks so much for helping me cut through my own b.s. and get the clarity I needed to knock this one out of the park.You have an amazing talent for giving A-list expert copy advice, while also taking into account the whole “I’m a human with human stuff going on too” thing.I will definitely be “calling a Copy Chief” again so get ready!

Rachel Mazza

Dan Ludgater

I came in with one thing in mind (improving an area of my copywriting)…but by the end of our round of coaching I’d done so much more…I’d completely shifted my specialization and taken massive action in the new direction. I became far less attached to outcomes when dealing with prospects and clients (I used to have a lot of anxiety around pricing and would often undercut myself).I had one urgent and challenging client situation that I was pulling my hair out over. I called in my “Phone a Friend” session to get Angie’s unique perspective – and it was a real lifesaver.Since she’s heavily involved with both sides of the copywriter-client relationship (as a writer, having hired several, and helping pair copywriters up with the right clients as part of the CC agency) she could offer rare insights that completely shifted the way I think about my client interactions.You can’t go wrong in choosing Angie as a coach. She’s super supportive, isn’t afraid to shine a light on where you might be BSing yourself, and has enough experience, expertise and wisdom to help you navigate your way to the next level – no matter where you’re at right now.


Angie Colee is one of the writers I trust most to deliver the goods.  She has a killer creative instinct mixed with years of real world experience crafting, testing and optimizing marketing campaigns. She’s a natural leader who understands the importance of a deadline. Angie gets my highest recommendation.

Kevin Rogers




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