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What if you could build a brand-new sales funnel - from SCRATCH - in less than a day?

People get so excited about their product that they create this big, complicated funnel filled with upsells, down sells, cross sells, segmentation, quizzes, and split
testing... all before they’ve made a single sale.

Then, when the promotion bombs, there are so many pieces of data to interpret that it becomes damn near impossible to figure out if something in the funnel broke, or if the offer was just never going to work.

I’m not surprised when this happens...

It's way more common than you might think. When stuff gets complicated, holes have a way of appearing at various stages in the process.

And whenever holes appear, people are gonna drop out.

I saw so many people getting caught up in complex funnels that I decided to develop my own system... one based on a “minimum viable promotion,” the most basic promotion structure that I knew would work, and work FAST.

It's my approach to "Steve Jobs-ing" marketing...

That is - I don't want to start from scratch every time I want to get new subscribers or start selling a new product.

I don't want to have to think about how many web pages I need to build or how many emails I need...

There are so many other things I could be using that brain power for.

And frankly, starting from a proven framework is way easier than starting from a blank page.

So I designed this strategy, and it's where I start every time I've got a new marketing promotion to plan.

And I'm sharing it with you in my first-ever mini-course... Permission to Keep it Simple: My Secret Recipe for a Kick Ass Promotion that Leads to Money... Fast!

I'm inviting you inside my head (it's not THAT scary, promise...)

I'll share my own simple approach to planning promotions... this is the same strategy I've used again and again to make my clients millions of dollars.

Here's what you get:

  • 24-page downloadable PDF that lays out my method from start to finish, including the specific pages you need and the number of follow-up emails to use
  • A video walk-through where I break down the must-have elements on each page, and show you how to easily adapt the same email sequence across wildly different markets
  • Two interactive worksheets where you can plot out your own simple growth or sales funnel

You can do all of this inside a day with a drag-and-drop website builder, a payment processor, and an email provider...

And it's a great way to get a new offer to market FAST, so you can prove there's demand before you invest tons of time and $$$ into fancy schmancy funnels and automations.

Note: all sales are final, since you get instant access to the entire mini-course.

If you get overwhelmed by multiple modules and infinite exercises... this is for you

Sometimes you just need to get shit out there fast... and it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does need to WORK.

If that's what you're looking for, here's your "just get the damn thing out there" kick in the pants from your friendly neighborhood rocker-marketer.

Note: all sales are final, since you get instant access to the entire mini-course.