Shall I compare thee to a tree? (aka Angie's lame attempt at Shakespearean prose)

Today I spoke with a copywriter at the beginning of their career.


At one point I asked what the most frustrating part of learning to become a copywriter was.


The answer: I really just want someone to walk me through the process from start to finish.


I think that’s a great idea, in theory.


In reality, I don’t know that anyone has the time, patience, or attention span to sit through the hours/days/months of lecturing that it would take to download everything from a master copywriter’s brain (note: I am NOT the master in question – far from it, in fact) into a beginner brain.


More importantly, the education process in this field is literally dependent upon you making mistakes.


An experienced copywriter can warn you where some traps exist, but you won’t ever understand them fully until you’ve made the same mistake yourself.


So to anyone just starting out, or who’s curious about copywriting or marketing in general, I say this…


Be a redwood sapling.


There is nothing wrong with starting here.


Be OK being tiny for the moment.


Be OK with standing in the shadow of giants.


You’re soaking up the same information they have.


You’re combining it with your own knowledge base and life experience and transforming it into something unique and truly special.


When you continue to feed your fledgling expertise – even if you’re only adding 1 new thing a day – you’re building a foundation that will allow you to grow exponentially.


Eventually you’ll look up from studying and learning and applying and experimenting and failing….


…and find you’re one of the experts you admired from afar.


You’ll be able to tell because suddenly you’ll be the one getting interesting questions from people new to the craft.


People who are suddenly looking to YOU as their role model.


Your growth is what happens when you’re out there trying.


Don’t be in a hurry.


Redwoods don’t become giants overnight. Neither will you.


Keep doing what you’re doing – the measure of your success will be obvious soon enough, so long as you are persistent and consistent in your learning.


  1. Lizzie Mills on May 31, 2017 at 12:19 am

    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    I’ve seen a ‘don’t give up on your dreams’ picture going around on Facebook, and the two guys with axes are looking for diamonds. ‘You never know how close you are’

    I thought it was corny, but I think it’s important to remind myself that perseverance is important. I’m gonna enjoy being a redwood sapling ?

    • Angie on June 1, 2017 at 11:59 am

      I’ve seen the one you’re talking about and it’s SO true.

      One of these days I’ll write the story about the time I had to choose between losing my home and having a career vs having a roof over my head and giving up the dream of writing.

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