the root cause of resistance

I’ve got a problem… one that I think is pretty common, and one that you might recognize.

I overcomplicate the SHIT out of EVERYDAMNTHING.

Somewhere in my life, I became convinced that “it can’t possibly be that easy”… and ever since, the name of the game has been “how elaborate can I make this plan?”

Maybe it stems from trying and failing and convincing myself it wasn’t “enough” and needed “more”.

Maybe it stems from the gap between my experience and someone else’s reality, where they’re a success and I’m not, and they’ve got some missing puzzle piece.

Whatever it is, overthinking has always been a forte of mine. 

And even though I’m REALLY amazing at coming up with a plan (and a backup plan, and a backup backup plan, and a backup to the backup backup plan…), this tendency has held me back in a lot of ways.

I’m profoundly uncomfortable with the notion of “throw it out there and see what happens”, and I’m definitely the slowest moving member of my mastermind group in terms of creating new stuff and growing my own business.

So this is something I’m working on intentionally becoming better at – just trying stuff, keeping it simple.

This mini rant inspired by a conversation I had with my mentor yesterday. Kevin Rogers (founder of Copy Chief) is a freaking wizard sometimes, with the way he helps me get out of my own way.

In a nutshell, I’d been planning out a new lead magnet for a new site ( if you’re curious) for MONTHS and never actually writing it. I just kept circling this concept of “7 day escape plan” and helping people leave a day job to start a business.

As I walked through my outline with Kev and speculated on what I was missing, he told me what he heard… that I really had a SALES plan.

And sales are the key to any business that wants to stay in business.

Suddenly the connection I was missing was right there, in front of my face. 

Not only did shifting from “escape plan” as a concept to “sales plan” make the steps that much more clear… it also showed me that the reason I was resisting was because it was needlessly complex.

I was trying to cram 10 years of business experience into 7 days… no wonder it wasn’t working!

Building a business is a journey… and one where not everyone “makes it”. So instead of starting by trying to cover a ton of miles in a single step… I realized I just needed folks to focus on the next step.

For beginners, it’s figuring out sales all together – how to create something for sale, find people to sell it to.

For more advanced entrepreneurs, it’s creating new offers and being able to test them quickly without wasting a ton of time or money on development.

And now that I’ve got clarity on the NEXT STEP instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture…

That sequence has practically already written itself. Pardon me while I go put the finishing touches on this bad boy… 


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