Wondering if your copy's any good?

Now you can have your copy reviewed by an expert copy chief who's responsible more than $30MM in sales.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • you’re just starting out as a copywriter and want expert eyes on your draft
  • you’ve been working as a copywriter for a year or two and want to know how to take your writing (and clientele) to the next level
  • you’re a business owner or marketing manager and you need outside expert feedback on your copywriter’s work
  • you just hired a copywriter and need someone to coach them on their next big sales piece or promotion

For all those times when you’re feeling stuck and need some serious forward momentum, or the copy’s not working and you just can’t figure out why… that’s when you need to rent a Copy Chief.

What it is:

We start with a 20-minute call where you walk me through your current copy challenge. I'll pepper you with questions, and ask you to share your copy doc with me…

Within 2 business days, I’ll run your copy through my proprietary 18-point checklist and record you a step-by-step walk-thru of what to change (and more importantly, WHY to change it). By the end of our time together you'll have a ton of clarity and a solid plan for moving forward with confidence.

Who am I?

My name is Angie and I've worked for big industry names you might recognize - Lowe's, Masterclass, Kevin Rogers, and Jeff Walker. And here are just a few of the things I've accomplished:

  • created a 3-email abandon cart sequence that saved more than 60 sales at $2000 each, so more than $100k recovered from less than 200 total words (email strategy doesn't have to be complicated)
  • wrote 3-email re-engagement sequence designed to get people who weren't opening emails back into retail stores - and it earned $8.4MM in "found money" sales
  • concepted and wrote a 112-page "coffee table book" print catalog that generated millions of dollars in revenue and brought the company international attention
  • managed writing teams, coordinated massive multimillion-dollar campaigns, and coached writers through the process

In that time, I've developed an instinct for finding quick fixes, logical gaps, voice lapses, and other challenges in the thinking behind the copy. Meaning what I share with you during our time together can not only improve the specific piece of copy you're working on... they can improve every piece of copy you write from here on out.

I kinda fell into this style of copy coaching by accident. With my current client load, I don't have time in my schedule for additional copywriting projects - so when someone reaches out to me with an interest, I have to turn them down and refer them to someone else.

But what happened was some of the folks I referred work to didn't feel entirely confident they could deliver - so I was hired to help coach them through the process. And I discovered I LOVE helping up-and-coming copywriters hone their craft and step up into bigger projects than they thought they could do.

So now I'm on a mission to help the next generation of copywriters and business owners feel confident in their next promotion.

The hardest part is pressing “go” after all the hard work has been done, and waiting to see what (if anything) happens. Let me help ease the nerves a bit by reviewing your copy and making sure it’s the strongest possible message you can put out there.

Here's how it works...

  1. You fill out a quick questionnaire that gives me links to copy and a rundown of what you're working on and where you can use my help
  2. You book a spot on my calendar for a 20-minute Zoom call
  3. We do a quick 20-minute get-to-know you call where you'll walk me through your current challenge and I'll help you figure out what I can help you with that can get you the most ROI
  4. I send you a video walkthrough of immediate improvements you can make, using my proprietary 18-point copy checklist

Ready to get started?