Permission To Kick Ass

I have a passion project I’m pretty much in love with:

Permission to Kick Ass

Both a podcast and a movement, and it’s all about freelancing and entrepreneurship (and all the fears, roadblocks, and head trash that come along with it). It’s where I publish my podcast episodes (want to be a guest? Read this) and talk about my travels.

For too damn long, too many of us have been building businesses that take over our lives and leave us left with nothing for ourselves.

Somewhere along the way, our work became the end-all-be-all thing that we’re “supposed to” be killing ourselves doing… at least if we want any kind of success.

I don’t like it, and I’m not buying into it anymore.

I don’t think you should either.

Let’s bring back the days where more business got done outside the office than in.

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