Select samples of work I've done:

Between my screenwriting background and copywriting experience, there's not much I have NOT done.

My specialties include e-commerce marketing strategy and component copy, and multi-chapter catalog development/writing. I also have experience in:

  • sales pages
  • product description pages
  • magazine ads
  • out of home (OOH) advertising
  • radio scripts
  • explainer video scripts
  • email planning/calendaring/writing
  • events and promotional collateral
  • blogs and articles
  • and so much more

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing

Angie is the best type of copywriter – one that understands both the tenets of interpersonal communication and marketing strategy. She’s creative but grounded and takes calculated risks that help move a brand in the direction it needs to go.

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

The pieces featured below have combined sales of over $10MM.

Christina Aguilera MasterClass

Landing page and course description copy.


Over 50 ideas for social posts supporting the launch. Posts were used on MasterClass, Christina Aguilera, Usher, and Kevin Spacey's various social media platforms.

Copy Chief Agency

Sales page, email templates, backend systems and flowchart.

Email Re-Engagement Series

3-part email series sent only to inactive subscribers. Intentionally crafted to be short and light-hearted, while conveying a sincere desire to provide better service and win back business.

Result: double industry benchmarks for opens, CTR, and engagement. $8.4MM in sales over 60 days from people that had stopped buying.

85th Anniversary Catalog

112-page product catalog with a twist: each chapter was dedicated to a particular room in the home and had several room-specific project how-tos. Alongside the how-tos were a variety of recommended products needed to complete that project.

None of the products featured any pricing mention, anywhere in the catalog.

Result: $970K in sales as tracked to blow-in coupons. No formal lift analysis done - actual resulting sales likely much higher.

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