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My name is Angie.

My specialty is direct response marketing, and in the last decade my work has made over $30 million in sales. I’ve done work with names you might recognize – including Lowe’s, Masterclass, Kevin Rogers (founder of Copy Chief), and Jeff Walker (creator of Product Launch Formula).

I’ve seen behind the scenes of just about every kind of sale or promotion you can think of, from a multi-channel coast-to-coast media blitz... to marketing live events that routinely bring in a thousand people from around the world.

Don’t get me wrong - a lot of the promotions I worked on were complicated. Any time the words “multi-channel” or “omni-channel” get thrown around, there’s complexity... and that’s because there are a lot of moving parts when you’re dealing in radio, TV, print ads, direct mail, email, and web.

But over time, I started seeing patterns. The winning promotions all had a certain simple underlying structure, with a message that was compelling and easy to follow.

I became obsessed with seeing just how simple I could get while still bringing in massive amounts of sales... so I started experimenting.

One of those experiments was an “abandon cart” email campaign to get people to complete a purchase they’d started but never finished.

The very first time we ran that campaign, it saved 60+ sales of a $2,000 product. That’s over $120,000 in sales recovered.

The kicker? Those three emails combined had maybe 200 words total. Simple. And now that campaign runs at the tail end of every promo - adding multiple 6 figures to the company bottom line.

Another experiment was a re-engagement campaign to people who’d stopped opening emails. We sent 3 emails to try and convince them to come back to our brick-and-mortar stores... generating a mind-blowing $8.4 million in additional revenue. Again... short and super simple.

Seeing those results changed everything about how I concept and create a sales promotion. Now I always start simple... because it works.

How simple? Well, there are four main steps in a bare bones funnel.

And when you follow them, you’re on the fast path to money.

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