Ever have a WTF moment when listening to a voicemail?

That happened to me today.


I was writing up a storm and when I came up for air, I saw that I had missed a call.

I checked voicemail and listened to the message, paraphrased below:

Hey Angie, I saw that you went to one of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. I wanted to follow up and see how your experience was and find out if I can help answer any questions. Here’s my number [xxx] xxx-xxxx.

Now it’s rare that I pass up the opportunity to sound all bad-ass tough chick…

…but I’ve legitimately never taken a martial arts class, Jiu Jitsu or otherwise, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I was listening to this voicemail, confused as hell. I even replayed it a couple times wondering how on earth someone had convinced himself I was at a class I don’t remember attending (unless I am literally an ass-kicking sleep walker?).

Finally it dawned on me…

Awhile back I’d been looking into self defense classes for women. I’ve taken a few too many BART trips in recent months and thought it couldn’t hurt to have some basic moves when traveling to the city.

Only after I gave my info….no one ever contacted me to tell me what happens next.

I had completely forgotten about this place because there was no one to connect the dots for me.

And I checked – nothing caught in my SPAM filter or sent to the Promotions tab in Gmail.

Just nothing. Nada. Zip.

I can only guess how hard someone must have worked to put together that funnel.

They had to show up in my search results and be highly rated.

They had to have a website that convinced me they knew how to teach self-defense skills.

They had to have a place where I could sign up for more information.


Then they followed up to see how my appointment went.

I don’t bring this up to make fun of anyone – there are a lot of moving parts in any successful funnel.

It’s easy to adjust one thing and completely break something else.

Which is exactly why you need to be TESTING your funnel routinely.

Create a test account. Sign yourself up for your own materials. Find any holes and plug them.

It’s never safe to assume everything is working perfectly just because you set it up that one time.

Schedule in some time every month or so to double-check things.

You might find some minor tweak that makes it a lot easier for the customer to say “YES!”

And you might find out you’re missing out on qualified leads entirely.


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