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Coaching and Escape Planning

Creative? Hate your job? Wondering if there’s something else out there for you?

Come to mama.

Sometimes when you’re feeling stuck, it’s hard to see a way out.

That’s where having someone on your side comes in.

I know I never would have found the guts to leave my job if I hadn’t had coaching and support. There were just too many questions to answer…

  • How do I get clients?
  • What do I charge?
  • How do I set up my business?
  • Will they be able to see I don’t know what I’m doing?

If I’ve learned anything in the business world, it’s that everyone’s making it up as they go along.

Even the bigwigs you admire, making 6, 7, and 8 figures a year? Yes. Absolutely.

Because you never know if something is going to work until you try it, even if you’ve got decades of hard-won experience under your belt.

But you’ve got to be deliberate about what you try… only rare exceptions to the rule can fly by the seat of their pants and have the self-awareness to course correct along the way.

Most of us learn by creating a plan, taking action, seeing what happens, and adjusting from there.

And that’s what I’d like to help you do.

What it is:

Six 45-minute calls over the course of three months, preceded by a Get to Know You Call. We’ll figure out where you’re stuck, what you want to do, and the quickest path from where you are to where you want to be.

We'll set goals and hit milestones, and by the end of our time together you'll have a ton of clarity and a solid plan for moving forward.

How it works:

You click the button below to book your Get to Know You Call.

For a small fee, we’ll get on the phone and determine if this coaching program is right for you. If it is, your fee will be applied to your coaching package. If it’s not, you’re going to get good value and actionable advice out of the call… stuff I’ve learned after a decade in the creative trenches.

Once you’re in, you’ll get six calls to use over three months. Most folks feel biweekly is the sweet spot… it gives you enough breathing room to take massive action without feeling like you’re rushing through blindly.

And as a bonus, you get a dedicated Phone a Friend session that you can cash in at any time. If you’re dealing with a particularly hairy situation and need some focused troubleshooting, we’ll dive deep and find a fix.

After each call, you'll receive a recording so you can reference it whenever you need. Plus, if I have any additional parting thoughts I'll send those along with your recording (and we know me... I usually have additional thoughts).

If you're ready, click below to book your Get to Know You Call:


The "Gotchas":

The bottom line is this is a two-way street.

I'm not a miracle worker, and if I were I'd be a hell of a lot more expensive.

So while I wish I could wave a magic wand and instantly solve all your problems... I simply don't have that kind of influence over your life and all the people in it.

You know who DOES have that kind of influence?


I promise to always bring my A-game to our sessions. I promise to always be honest (and kind and compassionate) about what I'm seeing and where I think improvements can be made.

But I can't make those improvements for you. That's on you. You've got to bring your A-game too. Otherwise, this is just an expensive bitch-fest and you're going to find yourself in the exact same situation in the near future.

Still with me?

Great! Maybe it's time to book that call...