Here’s What People Are Saying About Me:

Angie Colee is one of the writers I trust most to deliver the goods.

She has a killer creative instinct mixed with years of real world experience crafting, testing and optimizing marketing campaigns. She’s a natural leader who understands the importance of a deadline. Angie gets my highest recommendation.

Kevin Rogers, Founder

Angie is the best type of copywriter – one that understands both the tenets of interpersonal communication and marketing strategy. She’s creative but grounded and takes calculated risks that help move a brand in the direction it needs to go.

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing
George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

From day to day copy writing to omni-channel campaign development, Angie brings great passion and integrity to everything she does. She’s a creative and strategic thinker, as well as a highly skilled writer and editor. She works hard to research and fully understand her target audience, and then develops smart, creative solutions to engage customers. And to top it all off, Angie's wry, sometimes wicked, sense of humor makes her super-fun to work with.

Melissa Shimmin, Creative Director
Shimmin Design

Really good critiques Angie. Thanks. I'm also learning to write shorter, punchier emails with your help. Double thanks!

Quick success story to share though. I sent a short email to 92 roofers on my list last Sunday inviting them to download the report. 23 of them opened the email within 24 hours and 10 downloaded the report.

Of those, one scheduled a call within 2 hours of my email going out. He was first to respond and then in the 15 minute call, he agreed to the next step, which is a $97 analysis.

I sent him the results on Thursday AM and after reading it, he wanted to book a follow-up call within 2 hours. That call led to him saying yes to my full package!!

What's even better is that an hour or so later he called back and hired me to do the same work for his Dad's company.
Thank you for all your help - the ROI on the work you've done for me is ASTOUNDING!

Scott A. Dennison
Internet Marketing Consultant

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