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the mummies got me

So I’m currently sitting at the Tampa airport, waiting for my flight home. For the past week-ish, I’ve been in nearby St. Petersburg, FL for the most fun marketing conference I’ve had the pleasure of attending… Copy Chief Live. Lest you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a smattering of happenings: Jonny Vance of the Harmon Brothers…

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good marketing doesn’t stop at the sale

I see a lot of companies out there focused on the marketing. Considering I’m a marketer, I’d say that’s a good thing. Keeps me in business. I like that. But if you think marketing is going to magically save your company, I’m gonna stop just short of calling you willfully deluded. In reality, marketing is…

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how to know which mentor is right for you

So in my last post I talked about shortcuts and magic pills, and how they’re rarely the instant boost they claim to be. And then I shared my personal shortcut – mentorship. Now, mentorship doesn’t negate actually showing up and doing the work… but a good mentor can help DRASTICALLY shorten the learning curve (and…

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everybody (fails)… sometimes

I just dated myself with that title… but for all my 90s kids, admit it. You sang that one too, right? It just seemed so RIGHT to choose that song because it’s so true. Everybody hurts sometimes. And everybody fails sometimes. And yet we all pretend like failure is something avoidable. Like we can simply…

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2 phrases that could be holding you back

So last week I spent way too much time agonizing about sharing my story. In the end, I wrote it up and posted it… and got probably the most powerful reaction I’ve ever had to something I’ve written. If you missed it, you can check it out here. If you don’t have time to check…

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taking shortcuts

People love a good shortcut – that’s part of what makes the job of a marketer a lot easier. Unethical? Promising a magic pill? You’ll probably get a lot of sales… followed by a lot of  [best case] disappointed/angry customers and [worst case] law suits or even injuries/deaths. Yikes. Not the legacy I want to…

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will someone actually pay me for this?

There’s this interesting kneejerk reaction that happens when you’re thinking of ways to get people to give you money. Of course, there are a few exceptional people who either feel no such fear, or feel it and proceed anyway. But for the rest of us, that question of “yeah, but is this something people will…

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being your own hype man

Have you ever wondered about this one? Is it possible to go in-house if you haven’t had a copy job before? The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is… that’s exactly what I did. And the good news? I didn’t have any kind of magical formula to follow… I was pretty much making…

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every solution creates another problem

I have this really cool bedside lamp – it’s a touch lamp with three lighting levels and I love it. The only thing I don’t love is that it takes specialty bulbs… G9 to be specific. If you haven’t heard of those, they’re pretty weird looking and sometimes a bit finicky: I was reading in…

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