About Me


Hi, I’m Angie Colee. Nice to virtually meet you!

I’m a marketing strategist and launch expert who works with info-marketers, content creators, and creative teams to execute sales campaigns that produce results.

Basically, my superpower is finding hidden revenue opportunities in your business that don’t take up a ton of time, resources, bandwidth, or cash.

Over the last decade-plus, I’ve consulted with and run creative teams for companies like:


In that time I’ve helped launch thousands of products and marketing campaigns, including two multimillion-dollar launches in the middle of a global pandemic. Combined, my work has generated more than $70 million in direct-to-consumer sales.

And here’s something pretty cool: I’ve got a special hybrid business-creative degree from Carnegie Mellon University. It’s called Master of Entertainment Industry management, and it means I’ve got specialized expertise in turning creative work and intellectual property into viable businesses.

In addition to my consulting work, I’ve got a passion project I love called Permission to Kick Ass. It’s a podcast (and movement) for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs who want to create businesses that are perfect for their personalities and their lifestyles.

When I’m not helping entrepreneurs with marketing or empire building, you’ll find me on the road. I’m a full-time digital nomad and I host marketing workshops and entrepreneurial playdates business-building events in different locations all around the U.S.

You can count on me to locate the really good food, find landmarks and local hotspots, and try all kinds of weird things like llama yoga and digging in the dirt with backhoes.

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