Grab Your Favorite Drink and Check Out...

The Bio

Hi My Name Is Angie


First things first…

If your idea of fun is any of the following:

  • Double-checking your taxes on a Saturday night
  • Dreaming up new ways to synergize your disruption of six sigma
  • Commuting several hours a day to a mediocre and/or miserable job

You’re probably not going to like me.

Still with me?

Awesome… this space reserved for the bra burning equivalent of corporate escapees.

I grew up the daughter of two truck drivers… Incredibly hard-working folks who pushed me hard and taught me the meaning of a dollar (and how to stretch one beyond the laws of physics).

I didn’t have any business role models growing up… I just knew that there was a way you were “supposed” to do things. And I despised it.

I hated everything about having a professional “persona”.

I hated the office politics.

And most of all, I hated the dress code.

What are pantyhose even, other than a control-top torture device?

And yeah, I rebelled. But that didn’t get me any closer to success or figuring out how to get it.

So for years, I did it “their way”… whoever the hell “they” is.

I got my college degree. Three, in fact. Including a Master’s degree.

I did every job under the sun… picking up trash. Waiting tables. Teaching math. Selling credit cards. Even database management.

I spent just as much time goofing off and avoiding work as getting anything productive done, and at the end of the day I was always left wondering “is this all there is?”

In 2010 I got laid off, and by happy accident I discovered copywriting.

And that was the first time I felt a spark of something… like I found something I loved doing each day.

I landed a role as a junior copywriter and spent the next 5 years working my way up the corporate ladder until I was a senior copywriter in San Francisco. Nice salary, flexibility, creative work.

Hellish 2-hour commute. Ridiculous cost of living. No work-life balance. Toxic work environment.

Seriously toxic. We’re talking people coming to my cube to scream at me levels of toxicity.

After several years of this, it became a struggle to talk myself into getting up and going to work every day.

I just couldn’t reconcile loving what I do with hating where I worked.

Thankfully, I met some cool-ass freelance copywriters over at Copy Chief that showed me there was another way.

I gathered up the guts, made a plan, and walked out the door in December of 2016.

I had some fits and starts (and some months where I seriously questioned my sanity in ditching the “security” of a job)… but ultimately found my footing.

These days I work with some pretty kickass people you may have heard of…

Kevin Rogers at Copy Chief.

Jeff Walker at Product Launch Formula.

I’ve done some consulting with big names like Masterclass.

I work half the hours, I commute from my bedroom to my couch every day, and I don’t have to put on pants if I don’t want to (that’s the beauty of video conference calls… they’re shoulders-up, baby)!

But I never would have known this was possible if I hadn’t had someone show me the way.

I probably would have a nervous breakdown by now, putting so much energy into making money for other people who treated me like garbage.

I want the same kind of freedom and work satisfaction for you.

So to you I say… welcome to the Island of Corporate Misfits. Welcome home.

Grab your beverage of choice, poke around, and stoke that little flame of curiosity into a raging fire of “GTFO and do my own thang”.

I’ll be here to help whenever you’re ready.