I help you turn comparison shoppers into buyers.

My name is Angie.

I love helping business owners sell their physical products in online stores, but HATED using snooze-worthy, boring, and outright garbled factory copy that tells the customer NOTHING about the product.

So I created a 7-point formula for writing product descriptions that gives the customer the exact information they need to make a buying decision ASAP, creates an instant and memorable bond, and sets sellers apart from the competition so they can keep customers coming back for more.

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Short story…

Was listening to your Copy Chief Radio podcast episode on product descriptions on the way to the office yesterday. It ended just as I arrived so it was fresh on my mind when I booted my computer. I logged in to one of my client accounts and re-wrote the product description for one product. Here’s what happened…

Granted, it’s only been 24 hours, and until I see the long-tail analytics I won’t know the real results. Ready? Product sales tripled. So far that one change has given me the single most significant jump in on-page optimization for the least amount of effort.

Thanks for what you do.

Lee Clements, CEO ODC Digital Media


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