I help you turn comparison shoppers into buyers.

My name is Angie.

I love helping business owners sell their physical products in online stores, but HATED using snooze-worthy, boring, and outright garbled factory copy that tells the customer NOTHING about the product.

So I created a 7-point formula for writing product descriptions that gives the customer the exact information they need to make a buying decision ASAP, creates an instant and memorable bond, and sets sellers apart from the competition so they can keep customers coming back for more.

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Kevin Rogers, Founder

Angie Colee is one of the writers I trust most to deliver the goods.

She has a killer creative instinct mixed with years of real world experience crafting, testing and optimizing marketing campaigns. She’s a natural leader who understands the importance of a deadline. Angie gets my highest recommendation.

Kevin Rogers, Founder CopyChief.com
Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing

Angie is the best type of copywriter – one that understands both the tenets of interpersonal communication and marketing strategy. She’s creative but grounded and takes calculated risks that help move a brand in the direction it needs to go.

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

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