Call me a pirate ‘cause I live to find treasure.
In your business, that is.

You’ve got a business, I’ve got marketing ideas. Let’s mash ‘em together and see what kind of magic we can make.

If you’ve got a flagship product or service, a solid customer base, and a year’s worth of content… you could be sitting on a mountain of hidden treasure. My name is Angie, and I'm mildly obsessed with seeing just how much juice I can squeeze out of simple product launches and already-existing content.

What I do isn’t magic… no “hacks” or “tricks”. Just results. And I happen to be pretty damn good at this. Here are just a few examples of the results I’ve helped my clients generate…

  • The multimillion dollar launch sequence with no abandon cart emails. We added 3 simple emails and immediately recovered six figures in sales… now that sequence runs after every promo and has become its own multimillion-dollar asset.

  • The 9-figure retail company that had no re-engagement emails to recapture the attention of inactive subscribers. We added a few simple emails and made $8.4MM in sales to an already existing customer base… and they run automatically every time someone goes inactive.

  • The 7-figure agency owner who had dozens of people ask him how he built his agency. We spotted an opportunity and created an email-only launch (zero slides, webinars, or production) to fill his beta training program and generated $90K in advance revenue… before he’d even finished creating the training.

  • The 8-figure internet marketing legend whose only pipeline for his high-end 5-figure mastermind was live events. In 2018 I recommended he take that enrollment online… and in 2020 he did. The online enrollments exceeded the in-person ones and generated more revenue to hire more coaches… all through a virtual event that cost less than half of the live production.

  • The 8-figure fitness brand that needed a new product but wasn’t sure which direction to turn. We ran a survey and had their most loyal clients and best buyers reveal an opportunity for an entirely new, high-end product line.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

My superpower is finding hidden revenue opportunities in your business that don’t take up a ton of time, resources, bandwidth, or cash.

I’ve seen behind the scenes of just about every kind of sale or promotion you can think of, from a multi-channel coast-to-coast media blitz... to marketing live events that routinely bring in a thousand people from around the world.

As I mentioned above… my name is Angie and I’m an expert in direct response marketing, messaging, and launches. In the last decade-plus, my work has made my clients over $70 million in sales. And you might recognize some of them…


Here are three ways I can help you supercharge your revenue and growth

Campaign & Offer Strategy

Got 20 competing priorities in front of you and having trouble narrowing it down? I can help you identify your low-hanging fruit opportunities for the next quarter and get them launched fast.

Launch Consulting

Working on a new product or big product launch? Together we’ll leverage existing assets into an action plan that can generate a ton of results without reinventing the wheel for every campaign.

Copy Team Development

If you don’t have the time or an in-house person to help them level up, I can help. From calendaring to voice to promotional strategy, your writing team will learn the skills and confidence they need to produce consistent, predictable results.

I do my best work with companies that…

  • Have a new or growing marketing team

  • Are actively marketing and have an email list

  • Create and sell great products that improve people’s lives

  • Make at least seven figures in annual revenue

  • Are willing to experiment and try new ideas

  • Play just as hard as they work, and have a hell of a lot of fun working together