If you sell products or courses online, you're in the right place:

I help e-commerce companies turn customers into raving, lifelong fans.

Learn how to develop a raving, lifelong fan base using marketing campaigns and sales copy infused with personality and soul.

Forget everything you know about selling online.

Let's leave it all behind for a second.

No more Facebook ad best practices.

No more measuring keyword density.

No more content marketing or email marketing or product descriptions.

Just two questions:

Do you have a business? Does it produce a profit for you?

Then you already have what you need to create lifelong fans.

You've already figured out the two hardest parts - driving traffic and creating a converting site.

All you need is the magical third ingredient for a wildly memorable and profitable brand: customer engagement.

Before we get sucked down the wormhole that is corporate buzz speak:

By customer engagement, I mean those raving fans.

Those people who hear their friends struggling with a problem and immediately think of you as the solution.

Those people who are excited to see what you come up with next, because they don’t care what it costs – they want it.

That magical third ingredient – customer engagement - is why guys like Mike Dubin of Dollar Shave Club can come along and catch major players like Procter & Gamble (parent company of Gillette) by surprise.

P&G didn’t have a Gillette Shave Club before Dubin. But for some strange reason, they have one now…

When Mike Dubin started, he wasn’t focused on Instagram, or Snapchat, or the latest shiny trend.

He wasn’t banking on his handsome-ass grandfather or his skill in cutting packing tape with a machete (though they certainly contributed to the cause).

He KNEW he provided extraordinary value and used that to give people a memorable experience.

That is what I do – help online sellers create an experience that keeps customers coming back.

My name is Angie and I’m a creative marketing strategist.

Hi, I'm Angie. Nice to (virtually) meet you!

I specialize in end-to-end campaign development and data-driven copywriting with personality and soul.

I know how easy it is to get sucked into making endless tweaks and playing with shiny new tactics to give your traffic and conversions a quick jumpstart.

But I’m telling you, if you focus on creating a stand-out customer experience, traffic and conversion will be less of a worry than product development and fulfillment.

So if you are driven to disrupt businesses, revolutionize industries, build bold and mission-driven companies, and change lives – we should talk. I think we could make magic together.

If you're looking for samples and stats, go here.


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